Why Walmart Grocery Pickup is a GAME CHANGER!

So we’ve all been this woman or at least have seen this woman in the grocery store with her kid-throwing a temper tantrum in the buggy, another asking “Mom, Can we get this, can we get this” repeatedly. The look of defeat is on her face. Her buggy is packed to the max because she sure isn’t going to have another trip like this anytime soon. You get the picture now?

I cannot count on my hands the amount of times that I’ve had this experience, but I will say that here recently it has all changed for the better.

During one of my daily rants with a friend she mentioned to me how she had been using Walmart’s new grocery pick up option. I have to admit I was a little leery at first and had quite a few questions. I mean I’m not sure I’m OK with a college kid (most Walmart employees in my area) picking out my vegetables and meats. So I decided I would give it one try just to see how it went and if I liked great. If not, no big deal I would just go through the drama of grocery store shopping until the kids get old enough for me to be able to go alone.

I kept an ongoing list on the Walmart grocery app for a week, looking through my cabinets trying to check and see what I would need to keep us fed during the upcoming days. I would add things, remove things, find cheaper options. Think about my upcoming events or meal plan to be sure I had everything in stock. Check on the bathroom necessities (“who needs toothpaste, do we need soap, do we need diapers, oh and what about the formula”).

So after formulating the perfect grocery list I sent it in and chose my pick up time. Then prayed that I would have a decent return.

The next morning I dropped my oldest off at school and proceeded to go to the nearest Walmart that offers grocery pick up (which is about 35 miles out for me) with my little one in the back napping.

I got an email from Walmart the night before stating my order was received and then about 15 minutes prior to my selected pick up time a notification popped up on the app that my order was ready. It was time to check in. After check in the app basically uses your phones GPS to track you until arrival at the store. I pulled in a numbered spot and selected it on the app. From there it was magic!

A very nice young man came out to get my name and asked me if I had gotten an email about substitutions (which I’ll explain later). I had and I accepted the changes. Then a nice cart full of blue containers came out holding all of my groceries!!!! All I had to do was pop the back of my mom mobile. They loaded everything in for me and with the sign of my finger on their digital device my grocery shopping was done in less than 20 minutes !!!!!! I had accomplished in 20 minutes what normally takes me a good hour to an hour and a half depending on my list size. I didn’t have to worry about my little one being cranky in the store. She was asleep in the car seat the entire time. I just sat there drinking my Starbucks (made that stop along the way to because like Walmart the closest one to me is 35 miles) while somebody else loaded my groceries IT WAS HEAVENLY. I mean seriously why did I wait so long to try this. I had been missing out all this time I have so much on my to do list daily, this is such a timesaver and why this service is a true game changer. Yucky weather? Kid sick? You’re sick? Busy holiday shopping season? Guess what you don’t have to go inside!!!!

This service has seriously made a world of difference for me and I would highly encourage anyone, who like me just hates to go in the store and always forgets something on the list or heck even forgets the list itself, to check this out.

To give you a little rundown of how it works I’ll number it out here. Make sure you click the link on the bottom to save some money on your first Walmart grocery pick up order.

1. Download the Walmart grocery app using the link provided at the bottom of this blog.

2. Start making your list for whatever your needs maybe (there is a $30 spending limit) You can scan the UPC of items with the app as well as manual searching for them.

3.Once your list is complete, you will select a pick up time and then send your order in.

4. The payment is automatically debited to whatever card you use to check out. If there is any change in price when you pick up your items up (for example, if they had to substitute something and it’s cheaper then your banking institution will reimburse you whatever the difference is usually within 3 to 5 days). I’ve never had an instance so far where I’ve paid more on pick up than what I initially sent in. The store has always made the price cheaper or even sometimes substituted store brand items I had selected that weren’t available with the name brand equivalent for no difference in price. This is what I meant by substitutions above.

5.Once you send in your order you will get an email confirmation from the store saying it has been received. I do recommend sending it in the day before you want to do pick up versus the same day. You will have more check in times slot available to you.

6. Next, You will get a notification from the app stating that your order is ready. I’ve had this happen anywhere from 15 minutes prior to my selected time to 15 to 30 minutes after my time. You will click check in and your phones GPS will track you to the store. Once there you pull into the allotted slots ( the app should show a store map and there are signs for pickup in the parking lot usually pointing you to the correct place). Just pick the space number you park in on your app and wait for someone to come out.

I will say that have also gotten complimentary goody bags as a thank you for using the pick up service. One on my initial order which had all kinds of samples and some full-size grocery items to try along with a coupon book. I got another at the beginning of the new year that was more health based and had full size health and beauty products along with coupons.

I have fallen in LOVE (strong word choice I know) with this service and could not think of having to physically grocery shop anymore.

I’ve only had one instance where I had an item left off of my order. I just went to the app and called the 1-800 number, explained the situation and they immediately refunded me for the amount of the item and they also gave me a $15 off coupon to use in the future. Their customer service was on spot.

Its so much more than a service for busy moms. This is the perfect thing for ANYONE ….. It is comforting to know you can just you pick up your stuff when you get off from work and are drained.

PLUS, I have found this is a great way to save money because I’m only buying what I need and NOT impulse shopping in the store. I’m the type of person who will literally go in for one thing and come out with $100 worth of stuff. (I just need toilet paper, oh look at all this pretty new Pioneer Woman stuff haha) So really what I’m saying is, if anyone appreciates this service it’s probably my husband haha!

Here is the link for you to check it out yourself and I really would love to hear some feedback from you in the comments once you’ve tried the service. Hope you enjoyed this insight.

Save $$$ on your first Walmart Grocery Pickup

Much love,


*As a note this is not endorsed by Walmart in anyway just sharing something I truly enjoy. However, I’m not opposed to a collaboration if the powers that be stumble across my ramblings, just saying. 😃

8 thoughts on “Why Walmart Grocery Pickup is a GAME CHANGER!

  1. Currently:
    Me checking to see where the nearest Walmart is that offers this service.
    Thinking about what I will need.
    & LOVING this blog 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Such an amazing read girl. So informative, and love love love the ending!

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  2. Girl Walmart is one of my best friends along with Aldi lol! and that ending had me laughing lol it’s like what my sister always says “not sponsored but could be sponsored!” lol! Keep this up!!

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