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2019 #YearofYouVoxBox

Is there any better email subject line to see than 🎉 Guess what?! YOU’RE IN! 🎉!!! I was super thrilled to be included in the first round of 2019 Influenster Vox Boxes.

First, What’s a VoxBox?

A VoxBox is a box of free, often full-size products that Influenster delivers directly to its members for testing purposes. These products come directly from some of the biggest brands in the country—beauty brands including L’OréalKat Von DBECCA Cosmetics, and Maybelline, and food companies such as Pure Leaf, Hershey’s, Sour Patch, and Hellman’s—just to name a few!

I absolutely love the #YearofYouVoxBox hashtag. It is a perfect fit with my self care and growth goals for 2019.

Here’s a pic of my box along with the deets and my thoughts on each item:

1. Gold Bond Ultimate Deep Moisturizing Lotion MRSP $7.99

I was super excited about this because it has been averaging 7 degrees the last few days at my house and the dry winter air does a number on my skin. Not to mention I have a history of eczema that can be severe at times, especially on my hands. I’ve taken lots of measures to keep it at bay, diet has played the biggest role and a good moisturizer the next. On application this lotion is smooth and seems to sink in and really hydrate immediately. It does not have a fragrance which I also appreciate because that can be an irritant as well. It’s a non greasy formulaI wore silky pjs and there was no staining!! Some other creams I have used in the past rubbed off or felt greasy and I can’t stand that.

2. Suave Dry Spray Antiperspirant- MRSP $4.49 (Wild Cherry Blossom Scented).

If I’m being honest on first glance before really looking at this product I thought “YES!!!!!!” -mom win, dry shampoo NOT its deodorant. Glad I looked at the can before I went spraying it into my hair! The scent is a light floral which I can appreciate vs. anything “heavy ” if that makes sense. If not sorry! Just the way I describe things- in my own terms. Anyways, I gave myself a nice spritz under each arm to test out the 48HR protection. I went hard and heavy on the treadmill shortly after with no lingering BO afterwards (or at least that I could tell or that anyone else in my home would comment on!) So the protection was spot on.

3. KISS Lashes MRSP $3.99-6.99

I have been obsessed with lashes since forever. They outline our eyes, the window to the soul. I mean what’s more gorgeous than a big set of beautiful lashes batting at you. I would say that its more of a love hate relationship though. I have tried self application in the past and failed miserably! I did full sets-fail, singles they may be easier-NOPE-fail, moving on to magnetic-try lining those bad boys up evenly on top and under your lashes🤦‍♀️. No YouTube tutorial on this planet could help me. So I had pretty much threw in the towel on them. But here they were this beautiful set of lashes in such pretty packaging just waiting to take me from housewife to Beyoncé! To my surprise they were very easy to apply and remove. I’m not sure how many applications these will last for I would say one to two max. Will be saving these for my VDay date with the hubby perhaps? 🤔 One comment I will make on the packaging while pretty, the application instructions are very limited to three small pics with no real direction. Had I not had previous experience with false lashed it would have been hard for me to figure them out. Also a lash app is promoted on the box but it doesn’t say or hint to why I should download this app. I would suggest maybe a redo for the back of the package. Ease of use and direction is a big thing.

4. Classico Organic Pasta Sauce (Roasted Garlic) MSRP $2.78

This sauce is part of Classico’s new organic line, crafted only from USDA Organic certified  ingredients which I love. My girls are crazy about spaghetti. The garlic smell was delightful. My hubby and kids tend to be very picky but they loved the taste. I was shocked actually– just because of how picky they can be. I can see this being added to my grocery list regularly. (Why didn’t I mention my thoughts on taste? net carbs per serving were 10 so this Keto mama refrained) Everyone else approved that’s all that matters.

That’s it for this box! Want a chance at your own VoxBox?

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