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DIY 100 Days of School Project

Recently in my daughters homework folder we got the “100th day of school” celebration announcement. This year each student is being encouraged to decorate a shirt somehow representing the number 100 and showcase it in a school fashion show.

Like every other mom I went to the crafters holy grail for ideas these days, Pinterest. I found some super cute ideas but nothing that was quite a fit. Buttons, safety pins, pennies, crayons, while all cute, they are not comfortable to wear around school all day.

Time to wing it on our own. She has been true fan of the year of the unicorn 🦄 , so of course that was her first request!

One trip to our local Micheal’s clearance section provided everything we would need for about $12 bucks (and that’s because I got an extra shirt just in case).

See pictures below⬇️

Hope this helps in providing some inspiration for your own DIY 100 days of school T-shirt!

Much love,